Democare is especially useful against minor skin problems in pets . It is particularly effective against fungi. With no steriods in the formula, it will have no side effects.



Quimesol, Essential oil, purified water


It has been tested to decrease the incidence of demartophytosis. It has known effectiveness against fungi, bacteria, mold and yeast. 100% natural your furkid health is protected.


Recommended dosage

Spray twice a day, daily every week . 



Storage: 3 years



  • Package size: 100ml per spray

    Key features.

    Our product is made of 100% natural ingredients only. It does not contain antibiotic and sterioids. It can reduce pruritus, maintain skin health, improve and protect skin. Known to be effective against fungi,bacteria and other minor skin ailments. It is highly safe and has no side effects even when the pet licks off the treatment.

    Suitable for both dogs and cats.


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