Like humans. our fur babies eyes are be damaged by free radicals and they can develop cataracts. Although our fur babies have their antioxidative system to help eleminate free radicals. Like us humans, it has its limitations. This eye drop help reduce production of free radicals and lubricate the eyes to allow the corneal epithelial cells to repair. Hence cataracts can be prevented as well relieve pets already suffering from keratoconjunctivitis sicca syndrome.



Cytochrome C,Taurine, Vitamin B12,Hyaluronic acid,Boric acid,sodium borate,purified water.


Key features.

  • decrease occurrence of cataract
  • significantly accelerate epithelial healing after eyes damage
  • effectively reducely ocular surface damage associated with dry eye syndrome.
  • synergistic antioxidative compund reduce the production of free radical effectively
  • improve crystalline lens antioxidative activity.



Drop one or two drops per eye twice a day
Recommended dosage

Pet <10kg 1 capsule per day

Pet>10kg   2 capsule per day


Storage: 3 years before opening. 1 month after opening.



Eye care

  • Package size: 30caps/box

    Key features.

    Our product provides the ket nutritional supplements for senior dog and cat's eyes. The formula have synergistics antioxidative compunds to improve crystalline lens antioxidative activity.

    This product can help eyes to keep bright,resumes its healthy environment,maintain eyes health care and fine vision ,moist and protect eyes


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