Urolithiasis is a common disease in pets. The calculus may exist in kidney or bladder and may be displaced into the urine. This in turn may damage the membrand and tissue of the kidney. Eventually, the calcus will obstruct urinary tract and cause pain.


Made of entirely natural herbs. Kidney care is designed to protect your fur babies kidneys. It inhibit the formation of the calcium oxalate and promotes urinary tract health.It helps maintain kidney normal function, lowers the blood urea nitrogen levels.




Phyllanthus extract, Loosestride extract,pumpkin vine extract,black fungus extract, cranberry extract and other components

Helps maintain normal functions of kidneys, bladder,ureters and urethra. Reduce the incidence of stone formation and prevent the rate of recurrence. Reduce in urine PH.Acidating urine would prevent bacterial urinary tract infection.



 Mix with food or feed direct
Recommended dosage

Pet <10kg 1 capsule per day

Pet>10kg   2 capsule per day


Storage: 3 years



Kidney Care

  • Package size: 30caps/box

    Product key features:

    • Contains only natural herbal ingredients 
    • Formulated and tested in several markets in asia
    • Suitable for dogs and cats
    • Promotes blood circulation to remove blood stasis, dispersing heat and promoting diuresis and remove urinary calculus
    • Maintain kidney, ureter and urinary tract normal function.
    • Acidified the urine and decreae bacterial infection in the urinary tract
    • Increase the output of urine, decrease the excretion of calcium and increase the urinary excretion of citrate.


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